Charts Fade Overnight – Resistance Likely to Hold in Lower High Formations

Good morning, everyone!

Our site remains open for everyone through Sunday but we should be back up to a standard login format soon. In the live trading room, as always, I will discuss what I see in the images of the day, and what the setups look like for us.

Images will go to full size using magnify tool

Here are the setups for the day – I am still in the short ES_F from 2505.25 and in the YM_F  22376 –

The 1291 test was a good bounce zone for GC but 1302 will now show up as likely resistance and likely set up the next short

CL_F continues to hold 50.1 and reject 50.8 – it will give us range bound trades here from support to resistance until it breaks – so make sure you manage risk on the edges