Performance Recap – All Access Published Trades – to July 25, 2018

The Trading Book’s Mission Statement -To empower traders by providing straightforward education, strong proprietary trading tools, trading automations, and strategies for clear execution guidance to build trading skills and portfolio balances

I have been remiss to record our performance through the summer as we have been coding the software automations that we are unveiling

I will return to this as the third quarter rolls on.  You may email me directly for the uncompiled information at

We will be loading a dashboard here for real time updates in the coming weeks.

Please visit the ALL ACCESS level of the BLOG for the trades triggered from to Jun 19, to Jul 25, 2018

There were 58 intraday trades that triggered by price alone from the ALL Access Blog

Our straightforward strategy here at show that fourteen trades stopped out before arriving at first targets.  Stops are approximately 24-34 ticks wide across the board.

Total Winners -44

ES_F -147 ticks @ $12.50 per tick – Fifteen winners –

NQ_F – 513 ticks @ $5 per tick – Seventeen winners – 

CL_F – 574 ticks@ $10 per tick – Twelve winners –

You can track these individually by choosing the all-access data for the date in question