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The ETF Landing Zone

Anne-Marie has graciously offered me the opportunity to post some observations regarding selected ETFs on The Trading Book web site, and I’m truly honored to do so.   I have been working with Anne-Marie for a couple years now and I have found her strategies and methodologies to be the most effective and successful approach to trading that I have ever seen.  My goal is to apply her evaluation processes and trading tactics to ETFs.  Specifically, I want to identify:

  1. Overall price direction and trend 
  2. Critical support and resistance zones
  3. Current ranges of motion that can be exploited
  4. Interpretation of momentum indicators 
  5. Optimum entry points
  6. Any other issues or factors that will facilitate successful trades.

If anyone has any questions or wants to discuss something in detail, please feel free to reach me at

Disclaimer:  All content provided is for informational purposes only.  None of the data presented here is a recommendation to buy or sell anything.  Every trader should evaluate the individual circumstances of every trade and then make their own decisions.