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Some Quick Notes in the After Market – Oct 22, 2018

The ES_F is sitting at a critical bounce zone here near 2750.  It begins as a buy zone, but unless it keeps above 2745 or recovers past 2761 in short order, we will fade and this buy zone will become resistance.  Overall, the chart is vulnerable to sell off below 2792, and touching this support is not a good sign in general.  We will now begin to look at the chart thinking that bounces will fade, and that we will take out the lows of the near term

The NQ_F sits at a support zone near 7110, however, the chart could fade easily into much deeper spaces.  However, it too, sits at a buy zone here…albeit a cautious one, as with the ES_F.  Both should be watched if engaged.  Should the chart lose this level, it is likely to bounce but it will deliver continued weakness