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Current Stock Swing Positions – Sept 10, 2019

Good morning everyone! This is updated daily and intraday – the account positioning is for a smaller account – 5k to 10k -but lever up as you see fit –

Sector rotation yesterday keeps us in the general spaces of good movement, but our movement is cautious and I suspect rangebound and as my goal is to improve how we build a portfolio as well as trade one with a low level of risk, we will continue with our approach – hence all those iron condors yesterday – here’s a picture of the futures – we will look at the charts essentially as rangebound as many of our signals say ‘Danger, Will Robinson’

Please reach out to me if you need anything – I am happy to help you sort through the positions.

The trade Calendar has two tabs and is auto updated so download it and watch for changes.

Here is the link –!AvR-mLp6tW4OguYhtPldDnigZiv9Pw