Get Funded

Helping You Achieve #TopStepFunded Status – has a funding program for futures traders. It works like this – sign up for a Trading Combine and show them you can manage risk and make a profit. After all, they are giving you their money to trade. Simple as that

The questions they want to have answered are –

Can you lose less than $1000 (2000 for the month) and make more than $3000 during that time? You must trade at least five days in the trading month to do this.

If you qualify through that, can you then do the same thing but trade at least 10 days in the trading month?


What I have noticed teaching traders is that many of us do not know how to manage risk or take control to find ideal trading formations, and indeed, many of us do not have these abilities at all. So a simple objective becomes difficult because essential risk management tools and consistent trading mechanics do not exist for the average retail trader. Or if they are, they are weak.

That’s where I come in – Using the $50K Trading Combine, we aim to make just $200-$500 each day we engage without hitting our drawdown limits. All the trades you see will be built around these parameters. That means we will be using at most, one or two contracts when we are in the market.

This is not going to be an exercise in how much money we can make, but instead – can we make money consistently each day as you begin to trade the futures market. A little each day gives us a nice smooth upward incline to the balance of our portfolio.

Once you understand how to manage your risk, you will then be able to take the rules and lever up in the appropriate places.

Each day, I will review the trades of the combine and post them here – and you’ll be able to see how and why I position the trades as I do. You’ll also see where I lost and where I made money at each trade that is documented through the Tradovate platform with the TopStepTrader backend.

Look for the report at the end of the day and if you just want to search for these blog posts, please type – getfunded – in the search field.

Happy trading!

Joining the combine is simple – visit for more information. The teams there are dedicated to trader success and will walk you through the program. I’m just here to provide additional support and trading logic if you are so inclined to work with us here.