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Get Funded – Stay Funded – Performance in the Trading Combine – Mar 8, 2020

We have traded several days with a trading performance above 67% but with a few drawdowns that we had to recover from.

Something to note that in order to manage risk properly in the combine these days, times in the trades have been very short.

So far, we have traded for 5 trading days and we are up 1976$ after fees. I will not be trading tomorrow as I am going to get settled in but we should be back up and running later in the week. We are less than 1100$ away from making the combine 1st level in the combine

Noted in the performance of interest are the afternoon of 3-2 and into 3-3.

The performance is noted below and I have a number of texts on the trading charts for the takeaways. Note the number of trades that had small losses and then a series of good trades that moved ahead. The very big wick down came during the Fed release that called for the rate drop.

I broke a rule by not waiting for weakness in the chart and tried to short the chart before seeing the upward move break down.

This was the only big loser we had but the smaller red bars show the losing trades beside each other before winning trades take over.

TAKEAWAYS – Anticipating a fade of sharp upward momentum delivered a bigger loss but recovery came because I managed the risk and took smaller trades to build back the levels. And as the trades kept holding I continued to take more of them.

Next week, we will engage very cautiously as markets are very volatile

We look for weekly closing levels and monthly closing levels for engagement