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Limit Up-Turnaround Tuesday- Wild Swing Continue- Mar 24, 2020

MARKET COMMENTARY-After a third rough Monday in a row, we have a third Turnaround Tuesday with a limit up scenario just lifting. GOLD is UP by over $100 as the world central banks begin to buy up the yellow metal. I can say I have never seen that in my active trading. Thankfully, we still have our exposure in the Silver Membership Portfolio. We could be sitting on a slingshot move right back to the upside as short scramble and big hands jump back into the market.

The song remains the same – though confidence in the dollar will weaken after the extraordinary measures of buying treasuries and mortgage securities expansions have created a buying frenzy this morning- markets will fade once once as they have but we could be seeing a spike that could last a few days. We are in uncertain times and the fallout remains unknown. We have slowed some selling and markets are trying to settle in and weigh in on what it means to have Central Banks throw everything they can at the problems at hand across the world. Short selling of government bonds remains illegal and a dollar starved world will trade their currencies in for US dollars. Whipsaws remain the name of the game. Let your bounces confirm. Trading these markets takes significant skill – and just because there are opportunities, doesn’t mean you have the chops to do it.

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Monthly support has both shifted down with and now sits at 2086.5. There is a level below near 2024 that has now shown up as a potential level below. Resistance sits at 2380 and 2554, with 2707 above that. Demand and supply shock is what folks are worried about for the future, and we will continue to sell until these are resolved.


Sharing links for each of the charts we follow that (if you have ThinkorSwim) you can load directly onto your charts.

Individual TOS Chart share links for ES_F , NQ_F , YM_F , CL_F , GC_F

REMEMBER, WE ARE USING PROVEN SUPPORT AS LONG ENTRIES AND PROVEN RESISTANCE AS SHORT ENTRIES IN THIS MARKET– If those levels have passed you, simply walk your targets up the levels noted on the spreadsheet as the next entry as long as trend prevails.



Gold is on the run again over 1640 as the play by the Fed weakens the dollar and central banks across the world buy up gold. Charts are choppy still with WILD and WIDE swings. The US dollar is up at 101 and holding after testing near 103. Currency markets remain very volatile. WTI fell to 21$ but is now above 24. Moving as part of a recovery that seems a little premature. There is a lot of damage being done to the energy export sectors.

We are still looking at choppy news-driven with deep fades and high spikes by momentum traders who give us trading ranges that are large. Bearish at the first passes from resistance to support. Levels near 2174 to 2357 make the wide ranges of support where we are seeing players and the 2580-2707 range looks like front line resistance for now. Traders will be whipsawed trying to engage, so choose wisely.

The theme of INTRADAY motion is: BREAKDOWN with swift and savage bounces into resistance levels that get pressed higher and return to deep support due to momentum trading.

POSITIVE AS LONG AS WE HOLD ABOVE 2716.5ish (with big spikes likely with shallow fades back into breakout)


NEGATIVE AS LONG AS WE HOLD BELOW 2504 ish today (with sharp bounces failing and deep pullbacks holding)– choppy inside the range.

Follow short term trend and momentum signals while in the intraday trading environment and watch for weakness to develop away from your trade direction in order to leave. Please log in for the definitive levels of engagement today.


METASTOCK SWING SHORT – in play – nasty formations near the bottom here. Take profit at new lows – short is still engaged green diamond says to trim gains at the lows.

METASTOCK SWING LONG – a reversion to the mean formation showing as potentially completed.

Intraday LONG trading from support edges like ABOVE the VWAP or tight moving averages will give you the least risk event for engaging – removing your trade at resistance will allow you to participate – understanding that countertrend bounces can be swift and sharp but will likely fail under the broken structure of the market.

Intraday SHORT trading from resistance edges like the old highs or bigger moving averages will give you the least risk event for engaging.

Follow the candle trend until candles stop breaking higher.

Here’s a link to the METASTOCK software

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