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Coach’s Corner Replay – Apr 30, 2020

TOPIC -Understanding and Navigating Trade Execution within the elements of proper decision-making. If you are a member at the Silver or Gold level, please log in to see this webinar.

We focus on execution in today’s markets with a focus on TACTICAL STRENGTH and moving within the live trading day.

If you missed this webinar – here is the recording as we walk through a replay that begins with a BIG mistake and poor entry on my part and the recovery through the day.

Key takeaways –

  1. Don’t trade your P&L – trade with your process
  2. Good setups mean that we anticipate the probability of near future motion and PREPARE for the entries on the horizon that look most reliable
  3. Mental control comes from your ability to separate from your P&L in order to focus most on process
  4. Larger timeframes intraday will ultimately give you much more trading control that you think =)