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Real-Time Alerts – Performance, Open/Closed Positions- Jun 1, 2020

Please login to view the real time alerts notices and the link for Microsoft Teams – we now use Microsoft Teams exclusively to send real time alerts out.


To add the real-time alerts that will be coming for the silver membership, please make sure you use the highlighted link above to access the notes for the positions. We will add positions for the swing ETFs – SPY, IWM, QQQ beginning next week for members only. Right now, the portfolio has a minimal amount of cash to engage as we are close to levered up so I will be looking for places to clear profit off tomorrow

PROFITS FROM INCEPTION OF THIS PORTFOLIO – ALL ALERTS AND EXECUTIONS IN REAL-TIME– UPDATED MONTHLY – We are up $23791 since Aug 2019 from our initial investment of 22K. We are in a slow burn here so you are not going to find rapid trades in and out, but you will find consistent gains over the long haul. We are coming up on the nine months and are doing very well.

Jun Trade Calendar.xlsx This link shows our open and closed positions since inception.

Please login for the details of the transactions for the month

Here is the official link from the CBOE for understanding and trading options. Please refer to it if you are having any issues with the trade executions. Or if you would like to understand them more completely

AGAIN, We are now equipped for real-time alerts. Please join Microsoft Teams here

Below you can see the newest link for the trade calendar

Jun TRADE CALENDAR.xlsx This link shows our open and closed positions