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Swing Trades MidMonth Update – Jul 18, 2020

The image shows price congestion, and potential continuation of sector rotation. We are watching this motion as it will tell us what the high flyers are doing.

Please login to view the real time alerts notices and the link for Microsoft Teams – we now use Microsoft Teams exclusively to send real time alerts out.


To add the real-time alerts that will be coming for the silver membership, please make sure you use the highlighted link above to access the notes for the positions.

We will add positions for the swing ETFs – SPY, IWM, QQQ beginning next month for members only- at the roll into the next monthly contracts.

This is our newest AUGUST Expiration Trade Calendar here –!AvR-mLp6tW4Og8hyrrTo01bj_X5Nsg?e=iOCUwl

The trades we present each week follow a very specific format using option spreads. This is a SLOW BURN MEMBERSHIP LEVEL, NOT FAST PACED so you will have plenty of time to take the trades. That means we take a few trades a week and let them run the cycle I have planned for each of them.

How the trades work and when we enter and exit is posted in the alerts through Microsoft Teams as well as being documented in the Trade Calendar here!AvR-mLp6tW4Og8hyrrTo01bj_X5Nsg?e=iOCUwl as each month expires we will have a new one.

How it works video => – please reach out to me with any questions as I enjoy working with traders and helping them through the cycles of the trades. Here is a page that describes each of the positions that I might take in the room.