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THE WEEK AHEAD- Feb 22, 2021

Today, I made a mental checklist of the things ahead to do with my dad’s decline from bladder cancer and renal failure, along with one of my dear mentors dying from brain cancer yesterday, and a move into our new home, I have made the wise choice to give myself a break from the live room for the following week.

I will be engaged with price action and will put up reports on each of the instruments we watch for each day.

To be sure, I will support you as best I can – and the numbers and updates will be detailed for the ES, the NQ and GC.

I will be updating the real time alerts and already have some longer term trades waiting for us in the sideways action ahead that we are likely to see.

I will be back in the last week of February with better mental energy as I work through to the other side of this trial.

Thank you for your patience. Reach out to me via text if you are so inclined for anything trading related and I will answer as timely as is possible for me.

Today, expect to see the detailed write-ups on the week ahead and what I expect trading triggers to give us for the charts. I will update daily and sometimes a couple of times a day, if the environment warrants this.