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Tools to Help The Trader- TOS scripts- Dec 2, 2021

Between working on automation and private accounts of my own and traveling through basketball season, as well as being Europe between mid-Dec and mid-Jan, the live treading room has been closed though I still deliver real-time alerts for stocks and futures along with updates here via video and blog levels.

One of the best tools I have discovered to assist traders for the ThiunkorSwim platform is the customized VWAP study from Zach Hurwitz. He has generously allowed us to access a series of VWAP studies as well as videos helping us on how to use this remarkable tool. At an 80% discount regular price.

VWAP On-Demand | TheVWAP

  1. Go to and click “Start Now – $500”.
  2. Enter ANNIEMARIE100 and click “Apply Coupon” to bring total down to $100.
  3. On confirmation page, click through to member portal and then click “View” in Custom Indicators box.
  4. Choose your preferred platform (assuming they’re all thinkorswim), and then click to download the folder containing all of the TOS code files.
  5. Follow the import instructions, and the indicator they’re all looking for is titled “TheVWAP_IntradaySTUDY”

VWAP On-Demand | TheVWAP

Zach is also available to provide custom coding. Please approach him directly if this is something that you desire