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New Levels – Dec 28, 2021

The traders continue to trade both in the indices and in individual stocks as they lift them off the lows.

The new levels adjusted are in the image below. As a reminder, I will not return to my regular trading schedules with swing positions until I return from Sun Valley on Jan 5, 2021

The undercurrent shows that traders are now lifting several instruments as the difference between the number of highs minus lows continues to increase

1mo highs – 1month lows over the last 30 days

A bigger time frame shows there appears to be some strengthening underneath as traders try bottom picking (since it has been working for 18 months) – Traders will keep doing this until they are no longer rewarded

6month highs- 6month lows

Still better to buy the dips and take profit off at targets to be safe. Seismic shivers – but you can follow the upward trend and move those stops up as you participate.

I suspect any pullbacks like the small one showing tonight will run into buyers first