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Real Time Alert Updates – 2May, 2022

April was another excellent month for us in the weekly options, especially with the added volatility. We are currently tracking 26% returns for the year so far based on total portfolio balances from January 1 to current.

As volatility spikes we will continue to use positions that give us swift returns in smaller time frames as we fail to see trend developing.

Our trading spreadsheet -the link is below -breaks these down in detail for us. If you are newer, here are some points that are useful.

May seasonality is mildly bullish. We will continue to acquire exposure in the commodities on any strong dips. While volatility continues, we will have a combination of swing trades and intraday trades. Most of our trades last 2-5 days using weekly options in ETFs and stocks in uptrends, some of which we hold for months. Remember to use the Teams link that you got with your membership confirmation so that you may participate with us live

Our trades are usually out in the early morning, and again after 2:30pm. Profit levels are usually set at the open of the trade.

Use the scrolling feature to find the trades we are in to choose where you would like to participate or the trade calendar- Terminology – BTO- buy to open – STO – sell to open – BTC – buy to close – STC – sell to close – here is the latest trade calendar LINK – this link will expire but I will put a new one up each month

How it works video => – please reach out to me with any questions as I enjoy working with traders and helping them through the cycles of the trades.

Descriptions of the positions that I take.

We hold an increasing list of stocks in this portfolio as well, which you can see at the bottom of the open trade details tab