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Market Outlook in Pics- 9 Aug, 2022

Market Outlook overnight is a bit choppy and somewhat negative as we look at more mean reversion behavior. The levels remain the same from a range perspective. If you trade and want to see whether the wind is at your back, track your sector of interest

Heat Map for 9 Aug with the CPI tomorrow which should be lower (all hopes pinned there)

Tech still having trouble on the daily here

One month view – make sure that you choose the time frame that is most feasible to you – if you have a full time job outside of the market, it is likely better to find instruments moving in the direction you want to move in for the trades.

Profit taking shows the red areas in healthcare-

The three month view – when your sectors are green, you can see the wind at your back as the trends will be more forgiving in your direction, if the trend of the general trend is in the direction of your trade.

Google search trends are about getting out more – but people are still focused on WFH ( job searches are WFH based)

Performance for the main indices
Drawdowns with AAPL recovering with NVDA and Meta lagging
Nasdaq still lagging

The next two charts show outflows first and then inflows



Inflows-note the bond flows

4hr ES_F

ES_F Inside the week framework

SPY looks much the same (line chart)


4hr NQ_F

NQ_F – also tracing inside last week


QQQ line chart

Both of these charts tested higher levels than the prior week but have faded into congestion. This makes me think that traders are still waiting for the decision into the Fed interest rate