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Moon Shot – 14Oct, 2022

Markets had an extraordinary day – interestingly, it wasn’t as green a day as it felt. Okay, well, maybe it was. But a look at the week shows a different group of data. Until today, I was monstrously bearish – but after today, I need to rethink the landscape. A look below says that the week is showing a divided group of participating stocks but tech still looks dreadful. Defensive stocks are green and energy is holding tight.

This week before Friday’s performance

For the year, energy and healthcare are far and away the biggest winners – so the XLE is still the best bet

A lot of traders have SPY puts in play tomorrow

Take a look at this from the option chains

Something to watch tomorrow for sure

If you’re watching the event contracts I am trading – here are the overnight’s that are sitting at limit – looking for no at 3650 and yes at 3750 but I want to get them at about $4.50, instead of where they sit. This is a strangle in a simple yes/no format – The goal will be to cover each side as the market spikes in both directions. To learn more or try it out, head to

Capital inflows move to the US – some are saying that the sovereign bond crisis will push money into the equities – more on that if I see it continue

Levels in the SPY

50% fib test

And the ES_F for the overnight and tomorrow – the range between 3750 and 3650 seems like where we are for now