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Bond Market Closed -Veterans Day- 11Nov, 2022

Market Outlook – Liquidity, or the lack thereof, is the reason that we are seeing such savage market motion in both directions without relative moves in the VIX. After the CPI number that caused a massive squeeze in the markets that could continue into today – but for now, we rest. The US dollar is falling to much lower levels than seen in several months. The dollar’s relationship to the Euro and the Yen is really what had the dollar moving upward – and the CO2 conference that will end on Nov 18 has been suggested to be the catalyst of the dollar move down and this also is putting upward pressure in the market. As news, China is selling off US treasuries into the market.

From Goldman Sachs

Here’s a look at what the $DXY is drifting

Prices have been stalling over the last several hours in overnight trading

Traders feel like the want to test 4000 –

As long as we stay above this 3960ish area, more upside is ahead

Some detail on the NQ_F

Region near 12000 is on approach –

SPY levels to watch

And as price caps still get discussed