Take control of your future with proven trading strategies and setups for you to implement yourself with daily write ups and weekly reviews of the markets in our live trading room

-MetaStock (swing mechanics)




-HamzeiAnalytics (swing mechanics)

Take the levels and the signals to trade them yourself or join the live trading room and learn to trade with us each day to reap the rewards of precision trading.

2020 will be the year we move to fully automated trading software for two of our platforms

We’ll make the trades for you according to our targeted intraday strategies-

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Part time trader?

LIVE REAL TIME ALERTS -Swing trading high volume ETFs and stocks using our precision strategies -levels updated each week through the Silver Membership

Full time trader?

LIVE REAL TIME ALERTS -Early morning setups and live screens allow us to trade the futures using our strategies and processes through the Gold Membership

Learning to Trade with Precision –

Private Coaching and/or the Gold Membership Trading Room offering live coaching and trading each day and study webinars on a regular basis