About Anne-Marie

ANNE-MARIE BAIYND BEGAN HER PROFESSIONAL CAREER AS A NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCHER after her studies in Mathematical and Behavioral Statistics. Her background in mathematics and econometrics from her undergraduate degree however, did not prepare her for what would be an interesting career path.

COMING FROM A FAMILY OF ENTREPRENEURS, Anne-Marie took several businesses from idea to revenue generating successes, the last of which was the birth and solid growth of her recruiting company. Left with the choices of many options available to her after 12 years in the recruiting industry, she opted for a change into the world of trading after seeing a public seminar on technical trading with her husband in 2005.

Although her mathematical background made understanding the indicators simple, she struggled for her first two years as a retail trader, like many others who enter the trading world without education in the trading environment.

IT SEEMED THAT IN THE TRADING INDUSTRY… “People who really know what’s going on always seem to keep the information to themselves and the more she learned, the more she realized that success in trading comes from attention to the finer details, dedication to discipline, and a systematic and controlled approach to the markets focused with a critical focus on risk management.”

STRUGGLING, BUT WITH A BURNING DESIRE TO LEARN what the markets had to teach, she embarked on an aggressive study track, reading everything she could get her hands on, often spending 20 hours days being a student of the daily market conditions and trading levels. She found a few bright and successful traders who were willing to impart their knowledge to her and she set her mind to accumulating and synthesizing as much information as possible from them. Two and a half years after starting her journey, she began to achieve consistent and reliable results from from strategies she has designed centered around market cycles and measured movements between support and resistance.

SHE BEGAN TO SHARE everything she had learned with people who chose to reach out to her for assistance. Her professional experience with people and expertise in behavioral science made coaching the next logical step. Anne-Marie understands that trading is not only about finding a good system but training up the mind to trade. ‘Managing the ‘five’ is the most difficult aspect of trading’, is a phrase you will often hear her say.

OUR MINDS ARE NOT MADE TO TRADE, THEY MUST BE TRAINED TO TRADE. People ask her all the time, ‘If your system is so good, why are you sharing it?’ Her answer is simple. In the market today, there is NO TRUE ADVOCATE for the retail trader, and the sharks in the market are happy to take advantage of the retail trader’s inexperience and lack of expertise. The trading world is a minefield littered with people lured by the success potential and hopes for the comfortable life that never made it because they never learned the rhythm of the markets. We hear the stories all the time.

PAYING IT FORWARD seemed best once successful reliability came to stay. The course of action for Anne-Marie was simple.

‘Become a successful trader, and teach EVERYTHING I learned to the trader who came to learn. Simple as that. I am here to remove the blindfolds, to open the charts, and to teach a simple day trading system that will reap great financial rewards. TRADING IS A SERIOUSLY COMPETITIVE BUSINESS, and many of us who want to learn to trade, come ill equipped to play the aggressive game; anything involving vast quantities of cash is like that, but there is room for the honest, moral, and educated retail trader to come in, make a living and make a fortune, and I’m here to make that happen.’

Today, her Market Positioning System, MPS, is now the cornerstone of the live day trading room that she moderates everyday.

Note: Anne-Marie conducts both live and virtual trading seminars all over the country for beginning, intermediate and advanced traders. She is available for personal one-on-one coaching by interview and screening only.

If you are interested, please send an email to info@thetradingbook.com to request an interview for the waiting list.