Private Coaching

Anne-Marie considers private coaching for individuals who are willing and eager to advance their trading careers.  If you are interested in learning more, please consider the following –

  • Anne-Marie takes no more than 3 students per quarter
  • There is an interview process that identifies the top elements that are preventing the trader from advancing in their trading space
  • The trader will have access to recorded study sessions, pre-recorded study videos, and homework assignments designed to strengthen skills
  • Each coaching engagement lasts a minimum of 12 study sessions
  • Each coaching engagement has a fee structure between $2500 per 12 sessions to $6500 per quarter depending on the level of interaction and required personal attention needed
  • Engagements are bound by contract for both parties and Anne-Marie takes very seriously the time and energy that she extends to traders who are willing to learn
  • The trader gets unfettered access to Anne-Marie during these engagements – personal cell phone, Skype, text, and other means so that the trader can connect at any time

If you are interested, please email with the subject line – Private Coaching – and Anne-Marie will reach out to you personally to schedule an introduction and Q & A session