Letter of Direction Trading

I make the trades with you, and for you!

What is ‘Letter of Direction Trading‘ and how can I participate in this strategy?

Letter of Direction Trading – refers to investments of a portfolio of futures contracts actively managed by trading professionals. Our Letter of Direction Trading strategies are an alternative investment and are often used by investors to provide both portfolio and market diversification.  Our strategies and portfolio returns have become remarkably robust through its iterations over the last two years and we are now on an excellent path to significantly outperform the broad markets consistently.  We work in conjunction with a registered NFA associate through GAIN Capital, Phillips Capital and RJO.

With our Letter of Direction Trading, we offer exposure to futures asset classes to help mitigate portfolio risk in a way that is not possible in direct equity investments like stocks and bonds.  We actively trade these accounts with 1-4 round trips per day and remain liquid in the overnight.  And every day, you’ll receive an ‘EOD’ analysis that tells you how well you did for the day.

Because our newest strategies revolve around managing risk exposure, the more volatile markets get, the less we will engage.  We have found a unique balance of portfolio performance and risk management.

Requirements for participation:

If you are interested, please email us with a request for a personal conversation with Anne-Marie to determine viability for participation

-Minimum account size $10K

-Monthly fee – $99/mo per $10K invested

-We trade five futures instruments – e-Mini S&P, mini Nasdaq, mini Dow, WTI Crude, and Gold

-Our lot sizes run in sizes of 1, 3 and 6, and its multiples.

Trading Mechanics –

We use Anne-Marie’s technical analysis to isolate areas of price change in regions of support and resistance and engage according to the parameters present in her live trading environment and her trading blog.  We can trade between 1-3 instruments each day but are normally concentrated on the single instrument providing the greatest opportunity for returns.

Our trades are closed by the end of the trading day.

Typical risk per day lies between $600-$900.

Our exclusive relationship with a premier futures trading firm and a dedicated futures specialist who manages our trades and market execution for us in Chicago as directed by Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie communicates directly with our managed futures specialist who then executes the trades with stops and targets as Anne-Marie has requested.

If you are interested in harnessing Anne-Marie Baiynd’s personal futures trades for your own portfolio gains, please contact us for more information through info@thetradingbook.com with the subject -Managed Futures – and someone on our team will respond quickly to you.

Disclaimer:  Past performance is not indicative of future results

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